My first post!


Hi there,

My name is Shuaib Rasool, I am UWC graduate in my fourth year of practice post graduation. I have a small practice in the North West Province near Sun City.
The reason I decided to this course, like some other therapists is because we need the cpd points! (I’ve decided to be honest. 😉 ) but over and above that when I read Mr. Rowe’s tweets about the course being open to other therapists I jumped at the chance because when I did my ethics course, Mr. Rowe set up an assignment similar to this and I must say I enjoyed it. I’ve always liked to write its just I never had the patience to complete a story or essay. This course will provide me with the oppurtunity to write and complete a full essay on my thoughts. At the outset Ethics seemed a very dull subject with a massive course load, but as time went on I enjoyed it, it became interesting, something that I enjoyed reading and talking about. I haven’t had time lately to read many articles and blogs but this course will give me the oppurtunity to do so and I hope to carry on even after the course has ended.

I hope that some of you will find my musings vaguely interesting and comment like crazy. I willing to take all criticism so don’t go light if something seems wrong. We are all here to learn…